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Working Papers by Rachel Pownall

Rachel Pownall is the founding member of the Made2Measure team. Broadly speaking, Rachel’s research is concerned with the  realm of understanding investor behaviour. She has also specialised in cultural markets […]

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Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage

The Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage, also known as MACCH, is a research centre that brings takes an interdisciplinary approach to arts and heritage. The field […]

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Art Gallery Coronavirus Survey

The coronavirus has had devastating impacts on economies and businesses and the art world is no exception. Back in April, in the early days of the European lockdown, Rachel Pownall surveyed 236 art galleries worldwide about the challenges they expected into face during the coronavirus crisis.

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Art Leaders Network

On April 26th, Professor Dr. Rachel Pownall spoke at the Art Leaders Network, a summit for art innovators and experts organised by The New York Times. She talked about Artists […]

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Mapping Maastricht – report on the cultural and creative industries

An important aspect of the Made2Measure project has been to research the development of the cultural and creative industries in the last few years. For our report Mapping Maastricht, we […]

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Student project: Research on Maastricht Art Dealers

In March, students from Rachel Pownall’s Art Markets course taught at the UM Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences created a report on the local art market. Georgia Mowry, Maria […]

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Student project: Promoting sustainable fashion

STUDENT Helen Verploegen PROGRAMME UCM Capstone Assignment (Bachelor thesis) RESEARCH Cognitive Clothes: Using cognitive psychology to promote sustainable clothing consumption Helen’s bachelor thesis at University College Maastricht was supervised by […]

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Student project: Students’ fashion consumption

STUDENT Frederike Bauer & Elisabeth Bussu PROGRAMME University College Maastricht, PEERS RESEARCH Students’ fashion consumption in Maastricht Frederike and Elisabeth have conduced research under guidance of the Made2Measure project. Their […]

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Student project: Student intention to stay after graduation

STUDENT Anna Vasylyeva PROGRAMME University College Maastricht, PEERS RESEARCH Intention of students to stay in Maastricht after the graduation UCM PEERS is a semester long research program carrying 10 ECTS. PEERS is […]

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Conspicuous consumption

The cultural shift in Western society towards individualism has generated an increase in importance of conspicuous consumption. In today’s society we use materialistic products like apparel, phones, cars or watches to express our personality and belonging to a certain group.

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